Help your workplace achieve clarity and move forward with confidence

Does your organisation need a shared vision on where it’s going? Perhaps your team is struggling with clashing values, opinions or expectations? The answer could be a facilitated discussion by Full Potential.

The power of a facilitated discussion

Whether your team or organisation is planning its future – or facing internal challenges – it’s important you discuss these topics objectively, with respect and sensitivity.

A facilitated discussion offers a structured forum to do just that. It can:

  • Provide structure to the discussion
  • Guide the discussion and prevent it from veering off track
  • Encourage and allow all group members to contribute and be heard
  • Ensure all members contribute in a productive way
  • Help the group create an action plan and a series of next steps

Our approach and process

At Full Potential, we want all participants to feel safe and heard in a facilitated discussion. Our approach is always encouraging, respectful and rooted in empathy.
Here’s our process:

1. Gain clarity

We’ll start by developing a clear understanding of where you are and what you want to achieve. This includes asking questions such as:

  • What’s the purpose and potential of the organisation/team?
  • Is there a need for change?
  • Is there a corresponding desire for change?

2. Brainstorm ideas and solutions

We encourage participants to share their thoughts and ideas in a positive way. As expert facilitators, we’ll ensure the discussion stays productive and on track.

3. Anticipate challenges

What potential challenges might need to be overcome? Recognising any possible roadblocks is key to achieving a successful outcome.

4. Agree on a way forward

We’ll create a clear, cohesive action plan for moving forward together – as a team.

Is a facilitated discussion just what you need?