Jamie’s mindfulness-based stop-smoking book, Quit for Life, was published in 2012 by Penguin.

Combining the latest research with simple and practical techniques, this groundbreaking book provides a new approach that will help smokers stop smoking once and for all.

Quit for Life:

  • gives new insight into why so many people struggle to quit, and how to avoid that struggle

  • explains the true nature of nicotine addiction, and how easy it can be to overcome (the scientific research tells us that nicotine withdrawal symptoms are all but gone 10-14 days after cessation)

  • introduces Mindfulness – a quick, simple and highly effective technique for dealing with any cravings or other uncomfortable sensations that may arise when a smoker stops smoking

  • allows the reader to quit smoking without gaining weight

  • shows the reader how to remain a happy, stress-free, life-long non-smoker.

Quit for Life is available world-wide as an eBook. Click here for a link to your favourite eBook provider.

Why this book works

Quit for Life looks at why people smoke, beyond the typical reasons such as addiction, habit and stress. It then introduces Mindfulness: a simple, easy to practise and highly effective…


All the scientific research tells us that nicotine withdrawal symptoms are strongest in the first 24-48 hours after you quit, and all but disappear after 10-14 days.


Mindfulness will allow you to deal with any cravings or uncomfortable sensations that may arise once you quit smoking. It’s quick, simple to practise, healthy and highly effective. 

Top tips for quitting

Here are some tips for successful quitting. Each of these is discussed in detail in Quit for Life.

Media & Testimonials

In the media
The Shtick, Channel 31 Melbourne, 26 February 2012.